Grief Yoga


We are all grieving something. It can be the loss of a person, beloved pet, career, relationship, home, health, or life you thought you would have. It’s my honor to hold loving space and guide students through a practice of breath, movement and sound, where you release the pain of grief and transform it into love. It’s a safe and sacred place to begin to let go of the struggle, not the connection. You bounce back and move forward with gratitude, grace and love.

Grief Yoga does not require any previous yoga experience. The flow of the class is emotionally liberating, as you find the space to heal. This compassionate practice guides you through awareness, expression, connection and finally surrender. Finding strength in something greater than yourself. I witness your grief and see your healing. Vulnerability is strength. It is our greatest measure of courage. Healing is done in layers.

Grief Yoga is an important, heart opening practice. It’s life changing, and helps me as I continue to navigate my own grief. The sixth stage of grief is meaning. Connecting with you on this deeper level is my meaning and purpose. Allow the peace and joy, that you deserve, back into your life. Let your heart heal. This practice is a gift I want to share.

I am ready to guide you though your own transformation, resilience and healing, when you’re ready. Reach out to me for more  information. See you on the mat!


“Let yourself be seen. Love with your whole heart. Practice gratitude. Lean into
joy. Believe you are enough”.

- Brene Brown

Grief Chair Yoga

60 Minutes

My grief yoga class, modified and totally supported with a chair.  No moving up and down on the mat. You can experience the same rewarding Grief Yoga class, assisted by a chair. Accessible to anyone, no matter the experience. No limitations to your class participation. A combination of movement, breath, yoga, sound and meditation. You are supported in every way. Be present in your body to quiet the mind. The breath, sound and movement help to release some of the struggle you are holding on to. It guides you to open your heart in a loving-kindness meditation, with grace.