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As an artist, I create beauty with joy, finding inspiration in everything. All of  that changed four years ago, when my son Josh died.  I became an artist with a creative block. Nothing inspired me, except yoga.  Even then, it took me three months to get back on my mat. Yoga helped me breathe and stay in the moment. Feeling lighter and brighter, I knew I was going to be okay.

I became a yoga teacher, thinking the training would be a great personal journey. What I discovered was my real purpose: To shine a light on the darkness and bring awareness to Post Traumatic Stress, grief, trauma and suicide through yoga and meditation. 


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Yoga for Transformation, Resilience & Healing

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"Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.
Let go of the struggle and feel the beauty inside you.
Allow all to just be and just be you."

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Judy Milton’s charming studio in her backyard creates a calm start to her yoga session. As a client and friend, I have found a unique peace about Judy Milton’s yoga practice. It melts me. Her quiet, friendly manner is inviting. Perhaps it is because Judy is an amazing listener with a delightful sense of humor. It helps her be adaptable to a client’s personal needs.
The path that Judy has taken to become a yoga teacher naturally lead her in the field of grief yoga. She first reached out to support others who deal with stress, thus providing yoga instruction for first responders, like firefighters and police officers. Judy has traveled the country to train and enrich her practice. She has worked in small and large studios in our area. Her ease of connecting with all ages of men and women, and her curiosity to strengthen mind and spirit has also helped her. With the sudden loss of her son, Judy found the strength to heal herself along with others. She is a remarkable study of courage. Her practice for the last four years has been both a serious personal healing and a heart-opening adventure. Lucky all of us who have been enriched by her honest nature —she fills us with light.

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